Hello Everyone, My name is Lissa 
I started doing nails about 5 years ago teaching myself by watching videos on YouTube, and actually became pretty good at it, 
I was shocked by the response I was getting from total strangers, asking me who did my nails, when I said I did them myself, 
people offered to pay me to do theirs, but I would tell them no, because I wasnt licensed or have any formal training, my hubby kept 
telling me that I should go to school and get licensed, I told him if I go to school, that he had to STOP biting his nails and let me use him as a test dummy......

I started the nail tech course at Sac City College....and graduated with honors !
I've worked at a couple local salons, all the while getting my mobile business going,
and taking notes on what people like & dislike about going to the current type of salons.
My goal is to make my customers experience like no other salon they've ever been to

Oh yea......
To this day, Hubby still doesn't bite his nails & his hands still look great !!